About Us

Whether you’re buying, selling, or trading, Tilted lets you manage your transactions conveniently from your mobile device. Seamlessly control your digital assets and engage with the gaming community while on the move. Experience the freedom of managing your in-game inventory anytime, anywhere.


How it Works

Tilted provides a seamless and interactive platform for managing your digital gaming assets. Here’s how you can get started:

Deposit Eligable Token

Deposit your eligible tokens to begin participating in our platform activities.

Complete Quest

Engage in various quests and activities to earn rewards and enhance your gaming experience.

Receive $TILTD

Earn $TILTD tokens as rewards for your participation and achievements on the platform.

Frequently Ask Question

Tilted is a comprehensive platform for trading and managing digital game assets such as skins, weapons, and accessories. Our features include a marketplace, live shopping, game streaming, and live streaming. We operate on the BNB Chain ecosystem and are planning to expand to Avalanche.

Click the ‘Connect Wallet’ button, then choose the wallet that you have installed on your device. Once connected, you can enjoy all Tilted’s features and benefits.

To get started, first connect your wallet by clicking the ‘Connect Wallet’ button and selecting your installed wallet. Next, deposit the required tokens into your account. After that, complete all the available quests on the platform. Once you have finished these steps, you will receive $TILTD as a reward.

Yes, you can! First, install our app on your phone and create an account. Once set up, you can easily trade your game assets by buying and selling them within the app. Happy trading!