AMA Recap: Unlocking Additional Airdrop Alliance Rewards with MetaY and Tilted


July 4, 2024


On the evening of June 27th, we were thrilled to host an AMA session in the BNB Chain Telegram Chinese community featuring members from the BNB Chain Airdrop Alliance, MetaY and Tilted. This event offered an exciting opportunity for users to learn about these innovative projects, their latest updates, and how to participate in the rewarding airdrop activities.
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MetaY: An AI-Driven Game Creation Platform

MetaY is revolutionizing the gaming industry with its cutting-edge Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) technology. This platform leverages advanced AI generation techniques and powerful computing support to provide a no-code game editor and productivity tools, enabling anyone to easily create and design games. By utilizing open-source models such as LLaMA 3 and Stable Diffusion, combined with blockchain technology, MetaY offers a unique game creation experience.

MetaY also plans to integrate idle GPUs as platform nodes to reduce costs and increase decentralization. The MetaY Token serves as a reward and incentive mechanism, fostering a diverse metaverse where players and creators can collaborate and receive fair compensation for their contributions.

Tilted: Liquidity and Tokenization of Gaming Assets

Tilted focuses on creating a liquidity pool platform for real-world assets (RWA) related to gaming, specializing in player profiles and skins. By tokenizing physical and digital assets, Tilted ensures the protection of intellectual property and asset ownership. The platform also provides a marketplace and launchpad for trading and promoting gaming RWAs, NFTs, and tokens.

Tilted employs a points-based airdrop mechanism where users earn points through various activities, which are later converted into TILT Tokens. This system not only enhances platform activity but also ensures transaction transparency and fairness, creating a secure and reliable investment environment.

Airdrop Mechanism and Collaboration with BNB Chain

MetaY’s collaboration with BNB Chain involves distributing 500,000 $METAY tokens across three phases of tasks. Users can earn airdrop rewards by completing specific tasks, with the tokens allocated as follows: 100,000 $MetaY for the first phase, 250,000 $MetaY for the second, and 150,000 $MetaY for the third. This partnership aims to attract new users through BNB’s vibrant ecosystem and promote MetaY’s innovative technology and ideas.

Tilted uses a similar points mechanism for airdrops, where users earn points by participating in various activities. In this Airdrop Alliance event, Tilted is offering 5.4 million TILT tokens, valued at $270,000. This collaboration with BNB Chain helps Tilted expand its influence and reach a broader audience.

How to Participate in the Airdrop Alliance Event

MetaY’s third-phase airdrop alliance event runs from June 20 to July 31, 2024. Users need to visit the provided link, log in, and click the check-in button to participate. For Tilted, users need to visit or, create an account, and start participating in activities. Detailed participation steps are available in Tilted’s tutorial guide, helping users maximize their airdrop rewards.

Future Features and Vision

MetaY plans to launch a GPU node operation model, integrating a dynamically scalable GPU computing system. Users can contribute idle GPUs to participate in node staking plans, reducing costs and preventing computational power monopolies. MetaY will also release an AI-driven no-code editor and game productivity tools, making game creation more accessible and promoting decentralized platform development. Their vision is to create a diverse metaverse using AI and blockchain technology, fostering a thriving ecosystem.

Tilted is set to launch an incentivized testnet, exclusively open to top performers in the Airdrop Alliance. Participants will gain the privilege of minting limited edition NFT badges, further increasing reward opportunities. Tilted aims to build a decentralized financial ecosystem on BNB Chain through RWA L2.

Core AI Technology Competitiveness

MetaY utilizes AI generation technology (Text to Game) and a powerful computing platform, forming an AGI model specialized for game creation. This model is encapsulated as an API for users to call, providing a unique game creation experience through AI-driven no-code editors and productivity tools.

Tilted focuses on RWA liquidity pools, protecting intellectual property and ownership by tokenizing physical and digital assets. The platform features a marketplace and launchpad supporting the trading of gaming RWAs, NFTs, and tokens. Tilted’s innovative model significantly impacts traditional finance and the DeFi ecosystem.

Community Building and User Engagement

MetaY enhances community building and user engagement through regular AMA and airdrop events. The platform’s token system offers fair and equitable incentives to participants, ensuring contributors receive their due rewards. Community members can earn rewards by providing idle computing power and participating in game creation.

Tilted strengthens community building and user engagement through regular airdrop and AMA events. The platform has partnered with over 30 projects and games, enhancing user experience. Tilted offers diverse payment methods, ensuring safe and convenient transactions for users worldwide.

Summary of Community Questions

MetaY addressed user inquiries about AGI technology, GPU node operation mode, and specific collaboration details with BNB Chain. They discussed MetaY’s application in game development and future plans, covering topics like AGI technology applications in gaming, computational resource integration, and ecosystem collaboration.

Tilted answered questions about RWA liquidity pools, asset tokenization, compliance, and risk management. They also detailed how the platform collaborates with asset originators, liquidity providers, and investors to ensure seamless and efficient ecosystem operations.

Event Summary

In this week’s AMA event, Janella Gao from MetaY and Sarah Austin from Tilted provided in-depth insights into their respective projects’ core features, airdrop mechanisms, and future development visions. MetaY focuses on empowering game development through AGI technology, planning to launch a GPU node operation model and an AI-driven no-code editor. Meanwhile, Tilted is building RWA liquidity pools through tokenizing physical and digital assets and will soon launch an incentivized testnet. Both guests engaged enthusiastically with community members, answering questions about their projects’ technical advantages and participation methods, and distributed generous rewards during the event.

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