Partnership Announcement: Fuel On Blast and Tilted


June 7, 2024


Fuel On Blast, a leading native token launch infrastructure platform, proudly announces its latest partnership with Tilted. Let’s see what this partnership means for both parties, especially users.

About Tilted

Spearheaded by Binance Labs and CoinMarketCap Labs, Tilted has a mission to redefine the liquidity pool and market-making for web2 digital assets globally, Tilted sets its sights on a colossal $500 billion opportunity within the Gaming Real-World Assets (RWAs) sector over the next three to five years.

At its core, Tilted revolutionizes the gaming industry through the tokenization of RWAs and the pioneering implementation of RWA Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This innovative approach not only guarantees secure ownership of coveted game skins but also facilitates seamless trading of virtual assets, empowering users with unprecedented control and customization options.

Fuel On Blast: Revolutionizing Token Launches

Fuel On Blast stands out as a comprehensive platform for native token launches, offering a robust suite of products designed to simplify the processes of creating tokens, loaning liquidity, and setting up automated market makers (AMMs). Key offerings include:

  • Smart Contracts: Customizable and secure smart contract solutions.
  • Dapp Builder: A user-friendly tool for building decentralized applications with ease.

With a live token creation and liquidity lending feature, Fuel On Blast ensures that launching tokens and providing liquidity on Blast is both effortless and efficient.

Impressive Growth and Backing

Since its inception, Fuel On Blast has demonstrated remarkable growth and success:

  • Transactions: Over 100,000 transactions in under a week.
  • Wallets: More than 10,000 wallets creating tokens.
  • User Growth: Consistent growth rate of over 20% per day.

This rapid expansion is supported by prominent backers, including KSI, Pentoshi, Gainzy, and over 300 additional supporters, reflecting strong confidence in the platform’s potential.

Key Progress and Future Plans

Fuel On Blast has made significant strides, including:

  • Confirmed Launch with Ape Terminal: Ensuring a broad and impactful reach.
  • Discussions with Tier 1 Exchanges: Aiming to provide users with top-tier exchange options, enhancing liquidity and accessibility.

This partnership between Fuel On Blast and Tilted marks a pivotal moment in the Dapp landscape, promising enhanced capabilities and a streamlined user experience. With a shared vision of innovation and growth, both platforms are set to lead the way in the decentralized future.


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