Tilted Joins Forces with Balance to Enhance Game Asset Authenticity and Liquidity


July 8, 2024


In a groundbreaking move set to reshape the landscape of blockchain gaming and Real World Asset (RWA) liquidity, Tilted is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Balance. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey to enhance the authenticity and liquidity of in-game assets while driving innovation in the web3 space.

About Tilted

Tilted is a gamified RWA liquidity pool and L2 RWA infrastructure layer for the BNB Chain. Incubated by Binance Labs, Tilted stands at the forefront of ensuring the authenticity of intellectual property (IP) and providing comprehensive blockchain services to major gaming brands. Our platform addresses the persistent liquidity challenges faced by RWA gaming platforms, facilitating seamless buying, selling, and trading of in-game assets across multiple games and environments.

Key Achievements and Innovations:

  • Incubation and Recognition: Selected by Binance Labs and CoinMarketCap Labs from over 800 applications, and a proud member of the BNB Chain Airdrop Alliance. Tilted is also a winner of Binance Labs’ Most Valuable Builder (MVB) 7 cohort.
  • Comprehensive Web3 Integration: Offering EigenLayer Restaking, RWA Asset Tokenization, NFT and game tokens on all EVMs, emerging memecoins, token minters and launchers, asset staking, and RWA marketplaces.

About Balance

Balance is a leading blockchain platform renowned for its advanced financial services and innovative solutions in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. With a mission to make DeFi accessible and secure, Balance offers a suite of tools and services that empower users to manage their digital assets effectively. Balance’s robust infrastructure and commitment to user-centric design make it a perfect partner for Tilted as we venture into new horizons of blockchain gaming and RWA liquidity.

The Partnership

The collaboration between Tilted and Balance brings together two powerhouses in the blockchain industry, each with unique strengths and a shared vision for the future. This partnership aims to:

  1. Enhance Liquidity Solutions: By leveraging Balance’s advanced financial tools, Tilted will further enhance its RWA liquidity pool, making it easier for users to buy, sell, and trade in-game assets securely and efficiently.
  2. Boost Innovation in Blockchain Gaming: Combining Tilted’s expertise in gamified RWA platforms with Balance’s robust DeFi infrastructure, we aim to create innovative solutions that drive the next generation of blockchain gaming.
  3. Strengthen User Security and Authenticity: Ensuring the authenticity and secure ownership of game assets and player profiles through tokenization and RWA NFTs, while providing users with a safe and reliable platform to manage their digital assets.
  4. Expand Market Reach: Collaborating on marketing and community engagement initiatives to expand our reach and impact within the web3 and gaming communities.

Looking Ahead

This partnership signifies a new era of possibilities for both Tilted and Balance. Together, Tilted is committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realms of blockchain gaming and RWA liquidity. By combining our strengths and resources, Tilted will deliver unparalleled value to our users and set new standards in the industry.

Tilted invites you to join us on this exciting journey. Stay tuned for more updates as Tilted rolls out new features.

For more information, visit our websites and follow us on social media:

Together, let’s build the future of blockchain gaming and RWA liquidity!

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