Tilted Partners with CyberFi to Revolutionize the DeFi and Gaming Ecosystem


June 24, 2024


Tilted is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with CyberFi, an all-in-one DeFi hub accessible directly on Telegram. This collaboration aims to merge the strengths of both platforms, enhancing user experiences in decentralized finance and gaming.

Strategic Synergy

The partnership between Tilted and CyberFi brings together two innovative ecosystems to provide users with seamless access to DeFi services and gaming asset management. Tilted’s advanced L2 blockchain infrastructure, specializing in real-world asset (RWA) integration and gaming asset tokenization, will complement CyberFi’s comprehensive DeFi tools, making it easier for users to manage their digital assets and participate in DeFi activities.

Enhanced User Experience

CyberFi’s robust ecosystem includes a Wallet Manager, Cross-chain DEX Aggregater, Perpetual DEX Aggregater, Sniper Bot, and Lending Aggregater. With over 2.5 million users and 400,000 daily active users, CyberFi’s tools are designed to simplify and optimize the DeFi experience. By integrating Tilted’s API and blockchain infrastructure, CyberFi users will gain new opportunities to engage with tokenized game assets and participate in liquidity pools.

Mutual Benefits

This strategic partnership is poised to unlock new potential for both platforms. Tilted users will benefit from CyberFi’s sophisticated DeFi tools, enhancing their ability to trade, lend, and manage assets efficiently. Conversely, CyberFi users will have access to Tilted’s innovative gaming asset marketplace and liquidity pool, bridging the gap between DeFi and the gaming world.

Future Prospects

As the DeFi and gaming sectors continue to grow, the collaboration between Tilted and CyberFi is set to drive further innovation and adoption. By combining their unique strengths, both platforms aim to provide unparalleled value to their users, fostering a more integrated and efficient digital asset ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting partnership!

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