Tilted Partners with Hybrid to Revolutionize AI and Blockchain Integration


May 26, 2024


Today Tilted announced that it has entered into a groundbreaking partnership with Hybrid, a Layer 1, EVM-compatible blockchain platform designed specifically for AI agent development. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey to harness the power of blockchain and AI, setting the stage for innovative solutions and enhanced user experiences.

About Hybrid

Hybrid stands out as a cutting-edge blockchain platform, built with a focus on AI development. The platform utilizes the Mixture of Experts (MoE) framework, which facilitates the creation and deployment of sophisticated AI agents. Their flagship model, Atlas, exemplifies the potential of Hybrid’s AI capabilities, offering robust data analytics and user engagement solutions.

What Hybrid Solves

Hybrid simplifies the process of analyzing complex blockchain data. By providing a seamless setup and utilization of data layers for AI agents, Hybrid enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of data management and analysis. This capability is crucial for the development of next-generation AI applications and tools.

Key Offerings

  • Layer 1 Blockchain: A secure and reliable foundation ensuring rigorous data and transaction validation.
  • Atlas AI Agent: A leading AI model that improves data analytics and user engagement.
  • MoE Framework: Facilitates the development of specialized AI experts in critical operational layers.
  • Custom AI Agents: Marketplace experts available to help build and deploy tailored AI solutions.

Backed by Industry Leaders

Hybrid has garnered the support of prominent backers, including Skynet Trading, NXGen, Follow the Seed, Zephyrus Capital, Founderheads, BlackDragon, DCI, 1Capital, Unicorn Ventures, and many more. Their credibility is further enhanced by collaborations with notable launchpads like ChainGPT and Seedify.

Impressive Metrics

  • Followers on X (Twitter): Over 300k
  • Telegram Members: Over 80k
  • Testnet Waiting List: Over 200k users eagerly anticipating the launch next week
  • AI Partnerships: Strong alliances with leading AI entities

The Tilted-Hybrid Partnership: What to Expect

This partnership aims to leverage Hybrid’s advanced blockchain and AI capabilities to enhance Tilted’s offerings and provide unparalleled value to our users. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Enhanced Data Analysis

By integrating Hybrid’s AI solutions, Tilted will offer more sophisticated data analysis tools. This will empower our users to make data-driven decisions with greater accuracy and speed.

Custom AI Solutions

Our collaboration will enable the development of customized AI agents tailored to specific needs, further expanding the utility and versatility of Tilted’s platform.

Improved User Engagement

With the incorporation of Atlas, Hybrid’s premier AI agent, Tilted users can expect a more interactive and engaging experience. Enhanced data analytics will provide deeper insights, improving user satisfaction and engagement.

Seamless Blockchain Integration

Hybrid’s EVM-compatible blockchain will ensure smooth and secure transactions, bolstering the overall reliability and efficiency of Tilted’s platform.

Join the Revolution

We are excited about the endless possibilities this partnership brings. By combining our strengths, Tilted and Hybrid are set to revolutionize the way AI and blockchain technologies are integrated, paving the way for innovative solutions and enhanced user experiences.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this transformative journey. Together, we will redefine the future of AI and blockchain integration.

For more information, visit Hybrid’s Website and follow them on Twitter.

Let’s build the future together! 


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